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A lover of drums, drumming, percussion and all things rhythmic...
Rumor has it that the journey began by slapping meat in the supermarkets as a tot.  Attempted then to build some tin drums at age 8.  Fast forward to a first club gig at the age of 12.  Fast-fast forward to the grind of tireless stints throughout Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Baltimore, West Palm Beach, Albuquerque...the winds of fate finally lead further west.
After relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, he landed head first into the local scene, including ethnic musical communities, to study traditional hand percussion with the masters.  The floodgates also opened for myriad opportunity to further his roots in rock, pop, R&B, folk, country, jazz, world beat...and all manner of fusions therein over the years.
Now in Los Angeles, both fortune and blessing have led to work with many world class musicians and luminaries, amid inspiring and innovative projects.  Among them:

Besides band mayhem, my ongoing involvement includes networking among West African dance companies, Middle Eastern dance troupes, Latin ensembles as well as freelance performances and recording sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.
Currently signed artists:
  • Vapor Records (The Billy Talbot Band)
  • Yep Rock Records
  • Alone Records (Marcus Blake & The Gemini Thieves)
I wholeheartedly support:
  • Ludwig and Tama drums
  • Paiste cymbals and sounds
  • Evans heads
  • Promark sticks
  • LP percussion
  • Drumskull Drums
  • Gawharet El Fan Arabic percussion
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